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by Kevin Flynn - Wednesday October 22 2008 08:19:42 AM

From the Miami Herald:

"We're going to have to fight for every single one of these last 14 days," Obama told about 30,000 people who jammed Bicentennial Park in Miami on Tuesday evening. "We can't let up, Florida, and we won't."

...Obama is not ceding the working man's vote.

"[John McCain's] has decided to completely make up, just fabricate this notion that I've been attacking Joe the Plumber,'' Obama said. "I got nothing but love for Joe the Plumber; that's why I want to give him a tax cut.''

In a spontaneous exchange with the audience about the economy, Obama said, "Everyone here wants some pie -- we want to grow the pie, and then we want a slice of the pie." The crowd responded with a chant: "We want pie!"

...Earlier in the day, Obama made his economic pitch in a more subdued, wonkish environment at a Palm Beach Community College auditorium, surrounded by four Democratic governors, two nationally known executives and a small-business owner from Miami.

...Lynnette Astwood, 61, took a half-day off work so she could witness "history."

"I was active in the later part of the civil rights movement,'' said Astwood, who was wearing a "Women for Obama/Biden" button. "To be able to see this in my lifetime is wonderful."

...In a nod to South Florida's large Jewish community, Obama also made a surprise stop at the Deli Den in Hollywood, ordering smoked salmon, bagels and whitefish from the counter as well as what he called black-and-white "unity" cookies.

...Obama missed no opportunity to urge voters to hurry to the polls. At rallies in Tampa, Orlando and Miami over the past two days, volunteers wielding clipboards and leaflets directed voters to the nearest early voting locations.

Even as Obama dropped into the barbershop, he urged the owner to help get out the vote: "Anybody who comes in and sits in that chair, you tell 'em. No excuses, no excuses."

From the New York Times:

Senator Barack Obama convened an economic meeting here on Tuesday, inviting Democratic governors and supportive business leaders to amplify his plan to pass an economic stimulus package to help create jobs across America.

“The financial crisis that states, businesses and families are facing didn’t just spring up full-blown overnight,” Mr. Obama said, opening a campaign event...This has been a long time coming, and the warning signs have been very clear.”

...Mr. Obama renewed his proposal to create a tax credit for new employees hired by American companies over then next two years. He called for new jobs to be created across the country by putting people to work rebuilding and repairing roads, bridges and schools — significant elements of his economic stimulus plan that could be addressed following the election in a special session of Congress.

...Mr. Obama was surrounded by four Democratic governors, representing such important electoral states as New Mexico, Michigan, Colorado and Ohio. He was also joined by a new supporter, Paul A. Volker, a former chairman of the Federal Reserve, along with Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Google, and a small businesswoman from Florida.

“A crisis like this calls for the best ideas, the brightest minds, the most innovative solutions from every corner of this country,” Mr. Obama said.

“These leaders need and deserve a partner in the White House, a president who understands that our prosperity doesn’t come from Wall Street or Washington, but from the hard work and ingenuity of our people.”

From the Palm Beach Post:

A round of layoffs at work has forced Lisette Janvier to haul her X-ray machine to more nursing homes each day for the same amount of pay as before the cuts.

But while her husband hunts through a flooded job market, the 26-year-old West Palm Beach woman said she's grateful just to be employed.

"A lot of people are struggling," she said. "I hope Obama gets elected and he does change things."

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama on Tuesday told Janvier and 1,700 others at Palm Beach Community College that he could lead the country through the economic slump gripping Florida and the rest of the nation.

"After eight years of Bush-McCain economics, the pie is shrinking," Obama said. "This economic crisis is the final verdict on their failed leadership, and it's time for something new."

Obama's jobs summit, featuring a panel of financial experts and swing-state governors, was a departure from Obama's high-energy rallies which have attracted tens of thousands to events at arenas and stadiums across the country.

U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Boca Raton, the co-chairman of Obama's Florida campaign, said the academic discussion was "somewhat counter-intuitive" with fewer than two weeks before Election Day. But Wexler said the economic summit underscored the "seriousness of the issue."

...Surrounded by eight U.S. flags, Obama called McCain "confused" about his economic plan, adding, "I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he just hasn't read it."

...Obama's panel touched on a breadth of topics, including education, health care, taxes and the housing market.

...In response to the rapid increase of foreclosures, Obama has proposed a new tax credit for homeowners and making mortgage fraud a federal offense.

..."If we can spend $10 billion a month rebuilding Iraq, we can certainly spend some of that money right here in Florida," Obama said.

From the Denver Post:

Vice presidential hopeful Joe Biden spoke a middle-class and patriotic message to low- and middle-income voters in Colorado on Tuesday afternoon, calling for an economic overhaul and an end to negative campaigning so both sides can focus on helping Americans.

Before a largely Latino crowd at Adams City High School, Biden talked about the vitality of small businesses, accessible health insurance and his Republican opponent John McCain, who he said would run the country like President Bush.

"If it looks like a Bush, if it sounds like a Bush, if it votes like a Bush, it is a Bush economic philosophy," he said.

..."If he's really serious when he said . . . that this election is all about he economy, then I say, John, stop your ads, bring down those robo calls. If it's about the economy, argue about the economy, not about Barack Obama's character," he said to a enthusiastic crowd on its feet in Greeley.

"They hurt you, they divide the country. . . . It must stop now."

..."The American dream is becoming more distant to millions and millions of Americans, mothers and fathers who see the tables have been turned on them," Biden said. "If you work hard, if you play by the rules, if you believe in your country, there is nothing you can't do."

..."Never have I seen a time in our modern history when so many Americans have been knocked down," he said. "I promise you, America is ready. I'm ready, Barack Obama is ready. It's our time, it's America's time."

...On Tuesday, Biden acknowledged Gen. Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama over the weekend but said: "Polls and endorsements do not determine the outcome of an election — votes do."

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